Writing the Ancient Forest: Exploring the Ancient Irish Tree Alphabet Through Story, Myth and Metaphor - by Amber D. Ferrebee

What if you could tap into the ages-old knowledge of the…

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What if you could tap into the ages-old knowledge of the trees?

What if you could sit beneath their leaf covered braches and listen to their stories?

What tales might you hear?

In a quest to answer these questions the author took various medical,

mythical, and mystical tree lore, combined it with information about their historical and current uses, mixed in scientific facts about our arboreal friends and then let it all mingle in her subconscious.

The result is a collection of short stories, poems, and essays inspired by the trees of the Ancient Irish Ogham

(o-um) Alphabet.

Some are uplifting.

Some are dramatic.

Some are humorous.

All tap into the spirit and symbolism of the trees that inspired them.

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Publication Date: Mar 9, 2017