Dolls & Poppets

The doll or poppet is one of the staples of sympathetic magick, and has long been used to represent someone for whom the magic or intent is being directed. This can include a loved one or even yourself. Despite their reputation (mostly due to the way Hollywood has portrayed them in film and television for decades), these intentions cover a wide range of beneficial purposes from healing, love, luck, and prosperity, to the necessary protections of binding, banishing, and neutralizing. Exclusively ours, these poppets are a tribute to the one that allegedly belonged to Bridget Bishop, the first person to be executed for the crime of Witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This simple poppet can serve a variety of magical uses: protection, healing, binding, prosperity, and more. Choose a color that corresponds to your intention, open up one or more of the limbs by untying the twine, and stuff your spell components into the doll to personalize it. You may also choose to add pins, attach photos, or anoint it with oil to infuse it with magick!

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