Salem Séances


Step into the Spirit Parlor of Omen and experience an authentic Salem Séance with a true spirit medium. Our gifted psychics were born with the uncanny ability to connect with our loved ones on the other side. Our departed yearn to reach out to us from beyond and the psychic mediums at Omen have helped thousands of people reunite with souls who have crossed over!

The Séance: Encounters with Spirit

Each séance begins with a spiritual blessing, during which participants are guided in a meditation to help open the way for spirit to come through. Using the gifts of spirit mediumship, your psychic will sense the presence of your loved ones and see, hear, and interpret their powerful messages from beyond. We recommend you bring an object worn by the departed to strengthen the connection. While not everyone may receive a message, all present will encounter the wonders of the spirit realm and discover that death is not the end but merely a doorway to the next world!

The Power of the Psychic Medium

The psychic medium acts as a bridge to the afterlife, connecting us to our loved ones in spirit. Each of our exceptional psychics possesses astonishing gifts and has explored the spirit world for decades. They are committed to helping others communicate with those who have crossed over, delivering inspiring messages of love, hope, and comfort from the other side!

Private Séances

The Spirit Parlor of Omen can be booked for private séances and we can even come to your event, including parties, corporate events, bridal showers, and more!

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