Witches' Familiars

The concept of magical animals has resonated throughout history in creation myths, tribal traditions, and religions: in ancient Rome, a spirit guardian was a protector of a household or nation. Classical Greek philosopher Socrates spoke of a personal spirit or daimon who he said guided his conscience, stopping him from making mistakes. Native Americans believe in totem animals – animal symbols which reflect certain qualities or characteristics – serve as guides and guardian spirits of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

In the Middle Ages, familiars were described as low-ranking demons. Magicians conjured them in rituals, then locked then in bottles, rings and stones. They sometimes sold them as charms, claiming the spirits would ensure success in gambling, love, business or whatever the customer wanted.

Modern Pagans and witches see them as creatures sensitive to psychic vibrations, extra-sensory perception, and magic, and they’re used as magical helpers. It is believed they advise people on their journeys and life tasks.

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