The Complete Book of Auras: Learn to See, Read, Strengthen & Heal Auras

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Have you ever wanted to get an immediate picture of someone's mood, personality, state of health, or true nature? It's easy to learn to recognize and interpret the aura―the colorful bands of energy that emanate from the soul. And once you do, you'll have  a powerful edge in achieving goals, improving your health, helping others, and enjoying success in all areas of your life.

Based on decades of teaching thousands of people this life-enriching practice, Richard Webster shares proven, step-by-step techniques for seeing, feeling, strengthening, and cleansing the aura. Through meditations, visualizations, and creative exercises, you'll learn to tap into the body's chakra system―the energy centers that correspond to the aura's seven layers―and discover simple ways to: Clear and balance your chakras using crystals and pendulumsRecognize signs of illness and heal yourselfProtect your aura from psychic attackGive accurate readings for othersRead the auras of your pets and treat their ailments