The Crooked Path Journal Issue 2

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Issue 2 of The Crooked Path Journal contains the following articles:, Artemisia - Eric De Vries, Bag of Bones - Steven Posch, Balkan Traditional Witchcraft - Radomir Ristic, Sympathetic Magic - R.J. Thompson, The Call - Veronica Cummer, The Dragon and the Dragon Slayer - Robin Artisson, Away With the Fairies - M.V. Wragg, Childe Ballad 243 - Steven Posch, Scourges and Traditional Craft - Radomir Ristic, Occult Significance of the Crossing Rite - R.J. Thompson, Cupmarks - Steven Posch, Great Spirits of Fate - Radomir Ristic, Virtues and Ethics - R.J. Thompson, Young Hornie Steals Fire - Steven Posch