Past Lives for Beginners: A Guide to Reincarnation & Techniques to Improve Your Present Life - by Douglas de Long

Learn simple ways to uncover your past lives and create a better…

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Learn simple ways to uncover your past lives and create a better present

Explore your previous lifetimes, embrace your wondrous history, and recognize that you, as a human soul, are eternal. Once you discover your past lives, you can change the present in positive ways and ultimately create a better future.

Past Lives for Beginners is a detailed and approachable introduction to understanding reincarnation and how it impacts your present life. Using fascinating case studies, author Douglas De Long describes different types of past-life recall experiences and shares his favored techniques to gain access to those memories, including meditations and visualizations. This guide provides a wealth of exercises and resources for understanding past lives, allowing you to explore spiritual growth and your own immortality.

• Connect with spirit guides and religious figures

• Learn to forgive past-life transgressions

• Discover future lives and how to work toward smooth life transitions

• Enhance your psychic and spiritual gifts with hands-on techniques

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: Jun 8, 2013