Citrus Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra 100g)

Article number: FS-CIHO
Quantity: 9
The Frankincense Store of London offers the finest Frankincense resins in the world, harvested organically in Oman and hand-sorted in a meditative state to create a divine experience for the senses.

Citrus Hojari is a blend of smaller Orange, Amber, and Yellow Hojari resins. It has a distinctive Orange and Lemony Citrus aroma, and perfumes your space with its sweet and light zesty scent. Perfect for relaxation, is is said to aid in sleep and to uplift spirits in the morning. It is calming and pleasant, enhancing positive moods and promoting a sense of peace, harmony and true happiness in your environment.

100% Natural and Organic. Recycled Packaging. Product of Oman.