Gallery Demeter Kylix Offering Dish with Snakes

Article number: GD-1067
Quantity: 1
Bronze vessels are significant, original works of art made over an extended period of time and in a material important to the Greeks. The vases are among our best evidence for ancient Greek metalworking techniques and decorative preferences. They also inspired craftsmen in other cultures, notably the contemporary Etruscans. In addition to their primary functions, bronze vessels were used for votive offerings, expensive gifts, reserves of currency, and valuable grave goods. Many of the bronzes show first-rate craftsmanship and demonstrate mastery of symmetry and proportion. They feature intricate geometric patterns and delicate floral motifs, along with animal, figural, and mythological scenes. The close attention to detail evident in bronze vessels of all shapes continues to intrigue and delight us, as they must have pleased their original owners. This artifact, as with all our other bronze items, are cast in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method, therefore each piece is unique. It was made in Greece, stands 37 centimeters high, 35 centimeters width, and weighs approximately 7 kg.