Aromatic Oils: A Guide To Their Use In Magick, Healing And Perfumery

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This aromatic and magical memoir comes to you from the pen of well respected chaos mage and expert on aromatics Ray Sherwin. The contents include: A Bottle of Patchouli / Hocus Pocus - Witch-doctors, sorcerers, priests and imams in the shop / Ritual Magick for the BBC / A Spooky Aside A ghost story / A Rose by any Other Name - pheromones and other human smells / The Fats of Life - What your mother would have told you if she'd known. Essential oils, absolutes and fixed oils. Are we consuming the right amount and balance of fats in our diet? Are therapists damaging their clients by using seed oils as carriers? / The Old Bazaar in Cairo. I taught for a while at Cairo University. Most tourists encounter the perfumers in the bazaar but they don't get to see what's going on behind the scenes / Using Essential Oils Therapeutically / Using Aromatherapy Products at Home / Monographs on my Favourite Oils. Some aromatherapy schools are now expecting their students to study forty or more oils. I use about ten. A few data sheets / Therapeutic Index / Miscellaneous Information, General information and Frequently Asked Questions / What's going on with Tea Tree Oil / A Further Note on Health & Safety / Oils Which Should Not Be Used in Aromatherapy / Health & Safety Data regarding Storage and Handling of Essental Oils / A Quick Note on Benzoin, Peru, Galbanum, Immortelle, Oak-Moss, Aniseed, Jojoba, Sandalwood, Fragrance & Rose Otto / Fixed Oils / How to Copy a Perfume / Two Poems - since this book is a kind of autobiography I've included two poems of an occult/pagan nature / Bibliography