The Journey Into Spirit: A Pagan's Perspective on Death, Dying & Bereavement

Article number: 9780738740751
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The Journey Into Spirit is a guide to death and the mysterious world beyond. Join renowned Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes as he explores the three realms of existence―the realm of necessity, the realm of spirit, and the realm of infinity―and illuminates the essence of grief, mourning, and spiritual continuation. Challenging many status quo beliefs about the afterlife, this book provides exercises, meditations, rituals, and thought-provoking questions designed to bring you on a journey of discovery through the most profound of all human transitions.

Filled with insight and practical guidance, The Journey Into Spirit shows how to honor family and friends in spirit, discover life-affirming aspects of every state of existence, and move beyond the fear that surrounds death.

2015 COVR Award Winner for Reincarnation, Death and Dying Books