The Healing Wisdom of Birds: An Everyday Guide to Their Spiritual Songs & Symbolism

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As spiritual guides, otherworldly allies, and magical companions, birds have been revered for millennia. From eagles and owls to hummingbirds and wrens, this lovely and lyrical guide to bird spirituality explores the rich beliefs and practices surrounding more than forty different birds―and reveals how these venerated creatures can guide us today.

Drawing on mythology and traditions of worldwide shamanic cultures―from modern times to the Bronze Age―this book examines avian spirituality from all angles:

―What birds have symbolized through the ages and why, ―How to decipher bird messages in your life, ―Bird deities from Aphrodite to the Valkyries, ―Avian presence in ancient cave art, shapeshifting rituals, magic practices, and religion, ―How to discover and work with your totem bird

From exploring the five stages of soul alchemy to helping protect our feathered companions, The Healing Wisdom of Birds offers a variety of practical ways to connect with these sacred creatures.