Planetary Hours

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The Planetary Hours are an ancient astrological system for selecting favorable times to act (and avoiding unfavorable times), by assigning planetary rulers to the twenty-four hours of the day. This book has easy-to-follow instructions for finding your birthday and birth hour rulers, and clearly explains how these determine your personality and your luck. A chapter on electional astrology explains how to use the Planetary Hours to find lucky times to act (to ask for money; to ask someone on a date or to marry; to go on a journey; to begin a new business). The chapter on How to Cast Spells gives the low-down on how to make magical spells (and prayers) really work, using simple astrological techniques. The use of the Firdaria, an ancient astrological prediction system which indicates positive and negative periods during a lifetime, is illustrated with a detailed analysis of events in the life of Theodore Roosevelt. Complete Tables of Planetary Hours at the end of the book allow you to find favorable times to initiate activities for any day of the year, and for anywhere on earth from the Equator to 58 North and South latitudes. Ideal for any level of astrologer.