Witcha: A Book Of Cunning

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Of course it is not possible to de-mystify Mysticism, and who would want to? Yet also there is no need for deliberate and gratuitous obscurantism. 'Witcha' presents many secrets of English Witchcraft in plain language, giving details of widdershins and deosil circle casting, spell-craft, divination, spiritism, sabbats and esbats, sacrifice, entheogens, philosophy, history, and more besides. The focus is primarily upon those aspects commonly called operative witchcraft', which is the witchcraft of results' and getting things done', rather than the supposedly more spiritual' aspects that have been the subject of so many books of late. These are illustrated with photographs taken by my step-father, Adrian Brynn-Evans, detailing -with their kind permission and support- exhibits from the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle. These give visual reference to the historical context of this path, proving that it is not something invented by New Age gurus.