Witch on the Go: A Book of Spells to Take with You

Article number: 9781590030714
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"If you're a witch and happen to be on the go as well, spending half a day or longer out in the woods conjuring things up is out of the question," says out-and-about witch Cal Garrison. But since magic is everywhere, in everything you do, you don't need "sacred space" or special tools. With just a few basic items and this little book of spells, you can do magic anywhere! Take one empty breath-mint tin, a few birthday candles, a book of matches, colored thread, and a few other common odds and ends and voila!-you have your own portable spell kit. Plus, Witch on the Go provides plenty of spells and incantations to do in the car or on the subway, during a flight, while you're biking or vacationing at the beach. Try the Quickie Love Spell, Road Rage Spell, or Serenity Now Rhyme. No matter where you are, this book of spells will get you when you're on the move.