Witch in Every Woman: Reawakening the Magical Nature of the Feminine to Heal, Protect, Create, and Empower

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Create the life you seek… discover a pathway to the powers within.

All women possess the primal courage and strength of the Witch.  In this breakthrough, life-altering new book, Laurie Cabot brings more than forty years of experience as a spiritual counselor and practicing Witch to cultivate and celebrate the secret, magical side of every woman's nature.  Unfolding the wit and wisdom of ancient Celtic tales, as well as many stories of her own making, Laurie shows you how ancient truths can empower you during many of life's dark moments and lead you on a path of success and personal fulfillment.  Through story, ritual activity, and spiritual communion, you will learn how to use your instinctual nature to achieve your goals and feel energized, strong, and capable in your daily life.

Explore how to:, Increase sexuality and bring into your life, and heart, the love you long for, Uncover hidden strengths and overcome fear, Protect yourself and loved ones from physical harm, deception, or betrayal, Retrieve your inborn talent to heal ailments and diagnose disease, Unleash creativity, Enhance communication skills, Sharpen your intuition about others and the world around you, Enjoy healthy, productive dreams