Titania's Aroma Magic

Article number: 9781859061602
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Britain's favorite White Witch presents her own Aroma Magic Kit—which, while enhanced by the power of aroma, also helps us to explore our magical potential, and perform spells and simple rituals for our own benefit.

Aroma has been a vital ingredient in magical rituals for centuries. Oils are used in diffusers and burners to produce heavenly aromas to assist in spell making. This beautiful gift package contains an essential oil diffuser and oil to add a fragrant atmosphere to your spellcraft and make spells more effective. Also included is an illustrated book on spells, rituals, and magical practices for every occasion.

Titania offers spells for love and emotions, for taking charge, for prosperity, and for healing. Light your diffuser, add your oil and breathe deeply. Select a spell and let aroma magic and candlelight add power to your ceremonies, and bring you your every wish.

Beautiful gift package from Britain's favorite White Witch. It brings the power of aroma to spell making and includes an oil diffuser, oil, and candle.