The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards

The New Tarot Handbook

Article number: 9780738731902
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Renowned author Rachel Pollack has spent more than forty years studying and practicing Tarot. This insightful guide distills her vast knowledge and offers a direct, accessible approach to mastering the cards.

This book will teach you the meanings of the cards and enable you to begin doing compelling readings right away. More seasoned readers will find that this basic reference has a richness and depth that will call you back again and again to discover your own truth within the cards. Find new descriptions and divinatory meanings with a modern twistLearn not only what each card signifies, but how to discover what it means to youEnhance your understanding of the cards with information about numbers, elements, astrology, and KabbalahTry the unique spreads inspired by each Major Arcana cardUnderstand Tarot's rich history, including Eden Gray's immense influence