Mysteries of the Qabalah

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Eliphas links the Old and New Testament of the Bible by comparing qabalistic imagery and conceprs inherent in both The Prophecy of Ezekiel and The Apocalypse of St. John a symbolic resume of knowledge for initiates and a key to the Qabalah.

The Mysteries of the Qabalah completes the second book in a trilogy written by the famous French esoteric scholar, Eliphas Levi. In the first part of this wrk, Levi links the Old and New Testament by comparing the quabalistic imagery anc concepts inherent in both "The Prophecy of Ezekiel" and "The Apocalypse of St. John." He explains how the description of Solomon's temple, the great sanctuary of the true God, represents the Qabalistic or traditional theology of the Hebrews—even the measurements are symbolic and refer to sacred numbers. In the second part of the treatise, Levi demonstrates that "The Apocalypse of St John" is a symbolic resume of knowledge for intiates and a key to the high Qabalah. The theology of the Hebrews can be attached to Christianity through the prophecy of Ezekiel. It served as a model for the "The Apocalypse of St. John." which —behind the emblems of the Qabalah—hides the most profound secrets of Christian theology. Students of the Western Mystery tradition will find this material of special interest when exploring the sybolism of the Bible and Qabalah.