Hands of Fate

Article number: 9781530539499
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Hands of Fate is the first of the "Small Tome" offerings from Black Malkin Press, each of them covering a single topic of deep spiritual or occult significance. In Hands of Fate, the topic of cartomantic divination with standard playing cards is covered. Author and professional diviner Robin Artisson offers instruction in a deeply detailed and intuitive system of playing card divination draped in the older aesthetic of Traditional Witchcraft and Fayerieism, allowing diviners to channel entire stories of divinatory insight from oracular sources. He discusses methods which will allow any person, whether practicing sorcerer or not, to gain true oracular communication with extraordinary sources of insight. Alongside this central theme of the work, many smaller systems of cartomancy and cartomantic divination devices are described, which can be integrated by a card reader all by themselves, or blended with others. Divination with playing cards is the oldest kind of cartomancy known to man, and this work restores it to an accessible place of dignity and seriousness which can be utilized by all. Discerning readers will discover many treasures of occult wisdom hidden in the underlying metaphysics of the system described within this small but detailed work.