Divine Feminine Awakening Wand

Article number: MW-DFA
Quantity: 1
All women are a unique expression of the feminine. Coming into alignment with the divine feminine is about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us. Many of us have built our lives and our image either in resistance to the traditional idea of what “female” should be, or in support of the traditional idea of what “female” should be. Instead of being genuine to our true feelings relative to our feminine identity, we spend our time either rebelling against expectations or embracing expectations that we don’t actually enjoy because we desperately want acceptance and approval. May this lovely wand inspire you to begin the journey to your true Devine Feminine Power, a most auspicious journey and a worthy one!

Each wand is lovingly hand crafted and although there may be slight variances between any two wands , the content , quality and beauty will be the same. These are truly top notch creations.This wand measures 12 inches.