Craft of the Wild Witch: Green Spirituality & Natural Enchantment

Craft of the Wild Witch:Green Spirituality & Natural Enchantment

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Wild Witchcraft is a magical, free-spirited philosophy that embraces nature.  It resonates with those who yearn to express their inherent spirituality in a joyous, meaningful manner; who sense their wild heart and soul nature; who know there is beauty, magic, and meaning in the world if only we want to find it. It is a magical path for those with poetry in their souls.

Evocative and compelling, Craft of the Wild Witch reveals how to practice a form of Witchcraft that is both wild and free. Within these pages you will discover the wild Witch's way of seeing and knowing, how to discern one's suitability for the wild Witch's path, and the fundamental themes of green spirituality. Also covered in this guidebook:

―Rituals, chants, pathworkings, and seasonal prayers, ―Tree meditations, spell-weaving, and trance work   , ―The Fey and other-worldly companions, ―Herbs as helpers   , ―Other-life memories, ―Sacred intent and safe practice