Manual on Cleansing, Clearing, Exorcism, and Psychic Protection

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This book was written as a tool for all laymen and healers to handle the psychic attacks and the ways that many healers are rendered ineffective on their path and mission to heal all living things and our planet. As a teacher and the director the Madonna Ministry, I have seen many healers harmed, their families attacked, and made ineffective through direct and indirect attacks. When a Lightworker walks into places of dark energies such as prisons, old war zones, slums, etc.; or working with people who have been harmed on many levels such as family violence, drug addiction, incest, etc.; they will need tools that will protect them, their livelihood, the safety of their family and loved ones, etc. As a child, I endured many psychic attacks by demons and other entities. This book will help laymen and healers to shield and protect themselves, and in extreme circumstances, to remove negative energies and entities that are harming your space or your person.