German Stargazer's Book Of Astrology ((Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei 1545)

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A German Stargazer's Book of Astrology is the first English translation of Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei, published in 1545 in Frankfurt am Main. The original work was one of the earliest astrological textbooks in the vernacular, predating William Lilly's famous English primer Christian Astrology by over a decade. With this translation, Peter Stockinger offers the English reader an exciting insight into the working methods of a 16th century astrologer living on the cusp of the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. The book contains a detailed introduction by the translator, providing valuable background information and historical context, and is comprehensively annotated throughout. The translation contains, amongst many others, the following chapters: - Of the Twelve Signs their Stars and Effects - Of Pictures of the Heavenly Bodies (Constellations) - Of the Fixed Stars and their Qualities - Of the Seven Planets - Of Eclipses and Comets (Mundane astrology) - Of the Four Seasons (Weather astrology) - Claudius Ptolemy's Perpetual Calendar