Discovering Your Self Through The Tarot: A Jungian Guide To Archetypes And Personality (Original)

Article number: 9780892814121
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This Jungian interpretation of Tarot symbolism uses the Tarot archetypes as mirrors for looking inside ourselves. Following Jung's personality types as guiding principles, the author shows how the Tarot can be an incisive tool for self-transformation, enabling you to discover the forces that are operative in your own personality. ,   , Provides a system for evaluating your strong and weak personality traits by indicating the court card and suit that correspond to your personality makeup. , Highly original card spreads enable you to focus on and strengthen weaker facets of your personality. 

Other spreads enable you to gain insight into complex and challenging personal relationships. 

A section is devoted to using the Tarot to progress through the levels of consciousness represented by the sephiroth on the Tree of Life.