Child of the Sun: Psychic & Physical Rejuvenation in Alchemy and Qabala

Article number: 9781522735144
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Child of the Sun is a comprehensive text on the effects of spagyrics, alchemy, and qabala on the psychic and physical bodies. Written in clear and precise language, the theory and practice of psychic and physical rejuvenation is presented so that both the specialist and beginner can understand how to undertake these unique practices. Child of the Sun breaks new ground by presenting highly specialized material on the Seventy-Two Angels of the Great Name and how to contact them using a ritual from the French Martinist tradition; the importance of Dream Yoga, or Lucid Dreaming in the rejuvenation process; the use of spagyric tinctures as well as mineral alchemy; a little known experiment with antimony; uses of the Middle Pillar exercise in physical and psychic health; the role of blood in personal transformation; and more. The material presented here is not a literary creation or academic theory, but has been demonstrated by those who have undertaken their practice. Child of the Sun is a true friend and guide to students of the Hermetic Arts and Sciences, and all who undertake the Great Work.