Celtic Saints And The Glastonbury Zodiac

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Mary Caine, intrigued by the fantastic tales in the lives of some of the Celtic Saints of Britain which "make one gasp and stretch one's eyes", felt that they could hardly be the result of unbridled Celtic imagination alone, and demand another explanation. An interpretation is offered here which makes numinous sense of what is often seen as pious, but preposterous nonsense. Much pre-Christian solar and lunar myth appears in these tales, and from her long study of the Glastonbury Zodiac, Mary has found many parallels to its figures embedded in these tales. The Zodiac is after all the path of both sun and moon in the sky. Katherine Maltwood, who found this Temple of the Stars in the Vale of Avalon, was convinced that it is the original Round Table, with Arthur himself and his chief knights still seated upon it, long forgotten, as the signs of the Zodiac. More, that this mysterious great circle is the fount and origin of all Arthurian and Grail myth. The mediaeval Grail-questing knights were not only seeking the