Astrology For Career Success

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Astrology for Career Success How to Analyze Career Choices and Timing Author Gayle Geffner has built a substantial astrological consulting practice specializing in career counseling. Her unique and innovative approach includes her "at least three charts method" which emphasizes the importance of finding repeated themes in the horoscope. She shares thorough case studies on four of her clients who granted permission for her to use their stories in demonstration of her methodology. Additionally, a number of public figure charts are shown to illustrate various astrological configurations. This book assumes a reader with at least an intermediate knowledge of basic astrology. Although a novice can certainly learn from this material-each case study begins with basic natal analysis-a variety of forecasting techniques and more advanced methods are also included, such as derivative houses, transits, solar and lunar returns, midpoints, solar arcs and also two examples of 90° dial work (as used in the Cosmobiology system). All case studies involve some personal issues of the clients, but are primarily pointed toward chart analysis and specifically, to the counseling experience as it relates to career choices and the timing of actions regarding career. The author demonstrates a subtle way of instilling confidence into clients with positive input, even during difficult times. This book will be helpful to readers who seek personal career satisfaction, or want to explore new career options. It is a valuable addition to the library of any practicing astrologer who is interested in counseling methods, especially as related to career choices and timing.